Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Something Unusual...

Emerald View Resort Villa is a quaint bed and breakfast in Montego Bay Jamaica, overlooking the blue- green of the Caribbean Sea and nestled 500 feet above sea level on a hill of lush greenery and towering palm tree. The view is awesome!!!!  It is not one of your typical large all inclusive resorts. In comparison, it is relatively small, only seventeen bedrooms and provides for a far more personal and intimate experience. Emerald View focuses on getting to know the real Jamaica.

Jamaica is much more than just sea and sand and for those discriminating travelers that demand adventure, something unique, excitement and a vacation that is "different" you can be sure that Emerald View may just be your passport to such a vacation.

Why stay at Emerald View?

Experience the Real Jamaican Jerk -Not all Jerks are created Equal!

We invite you to experience the island like a true native  The authentic Jamaican Food !!!!!! There is nothing like it! Mouth watering, jerk chicken, not watered down jerk!!! We take you to some of the island's best kept secret restaurants and jerk shacks.

Secret Of Jamaican Jerk Foods

The secret to the awesome taste of our jerk food, whether chicken or pork, is not so much the jerk spices but rather the type of wood that is used to cook the meat.The Pimento wood is found in the heart of the Jamaican mountains and is the secret to the delicious mouth watering flavour of the jerk found on the island. Big tip: please do not go to a fancy restaurant and order jerk anything. Rather
stay true to the Jerk Shacks that uses only Pimento wood to cook the food.

This is our island and we know it quite well! Allow us to share an cultural experience with you!

I could go on and on but let me share a few comments some of our previous guest shared with us about their stay here.

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